Not dead yet

I’ve gotten messages sent by concerned followers of this blog worried that I have somehow fallen off the face of the earth.

Quite not.

I’ve had some major, very happy life events recently (I married and took a big honeymoon) and thus have not had the opportunity to game as much. Fear not, and have patience. I’ll be back in short order.

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4 responses to “Not dead yet

  • freexenon

    Well congrats to ya then!! Enjoy your time, man!! =)

  • Francisco (Sku) Martinez

    Congratulations on your mairrage!
    I’m new to this blog, but I’ve already found it to be IMMENSELY helpful in the EotE game I’m running. Having stats ready and available instead of having to write them all down individually makes it loads easier to keep up the pace of the game without having to shuffle through everything constantly.
    I have my game set in the Old Republic Era (another of our group already has his game set in the Rebellion Era) and its tricky to convert things from one to the other, but so far it’s been an enjoyable ride.

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