End of April EotE Tips

Here’s a list of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve been dispensing on social media platforms for the past two weeks, in no particular order:

  • Start every session with a question about each character’s past.
  • Make every NPC, planet, and starship different in some way. What’s its One Unique Thing?
  • Push your players to narrate Threat/Advantage, but always have exciting suggestions ready.
  • Speed up combat setup & pre-roll your initiative skills. Or; each Proficiency die grants 2 Success, every Ability die grants Advantage
  • Make Critical Injuries harder to accidentally forget. Write them on 3×5 cards and hand them out.
  • Don’t let the dice contradict the fiction. The world you and your friends share together is more important than a stat block.
  • Never sit down. You have more energy standing and it’s easier to get eye contact with everyone at the table.
  • Reward very clever thinking with Simple (no Difficulty dice) skill checks.
  • When exploring, always try and present a list of options or locations. Players can’t make decisions in a vacuum.
  • Use plenty of Challenge dice and introduce more high-difficulty threats with Despair. Snowball the scene into utter chaos, it’s fun.
  • Don’t be lazy! The key to being a successful GM is being both organized and passionate. Be The Authority in your group.

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