Torchbearer Towns in Star Wars

About a year ago, the dungeon crawling fantasy RPG Torchbearer was released and I absolutely love it. One of the key concepts in Torchbearer is the idea that adventurers are not knights in shining armor, they don’t venture into dangerous dungeons because it’s fun or noble, and they certainly aren’t in this life seeking fame and glory. No, like Han Solo in George Lucas’ “used universe” of Star Wars, the protagonists here are just trying to survive. They don’t have any fat inheritances or cushy jobs waiting for them back home. They ply the most dangerous routes and explore forbidden alien ruins because that’s the only way they can scratch out a living in this cold, unforgiving universe. This, I can totally dig.

Torchbearer also tends to lead with the fiction, smoothly integrating game mechanics into a description of the world. My favorite example of this, something that really blew me away when I first read it, is how Towns are designed in the game system. The Town that a character grew up in lends distinct mechanical effects based on descriptions that, on the surface, are interesting, intuitive, and evocative. This article is the start of my answering the question, “What if Torchbearer was set in space?”

The following is a list of seven generic home locations for Player Characters. Each of these locations describes a type of home location that Player Characters hail from, though the player or Galaxy Master should use be using these descriptions as a starting point in describing specific locations in the galaxy in detail. Where a character grows up has a lasting impact on his or her life; and as such, each character gains 1 rank in a skill of their choice as well as 1 rank in a Talent of their choice from those listed for their home location. Galaxy Masters worried about game balance should just stop and chill out. Each of these home locations serves the greater narrative in describing a brutal, bleak galaxy oppressed by the totalitarian Galactic Empire. There are no safe zones, the Rebellion exists as scattered, terrified cells across the outer rim, and life for everyone besides the uppermost echelons is miserable. It’s a much darker take on the traditional Star Wars themes, but I think one worthwhile and enjoyable, something to mess around with and use to contrast the norm. It is part of a philosophy I call SpaceCore.


Overpopulated Homeworld
The regional or galactic population center where the teeming billions of inhabitants are oppressed by a select few in power.
Skills: Knowledge (core worlds), Negotiation, Streetwise
Talents: Indistinguishable, Sound Investments

Bustling Starport
A den of graft and petty crimes where friendships last only as long as the layover between cryosleep.
Skills: Cool, Deception, Knowledge (underworld)
Talents: Bought Info, Black Market Contacts

Distant Colony
A nigh-forgotten world in the darkest regions of civilized space, forever indebted to their three-generations-old founding homeworld.
Skills: Brawl, Mechanics, Survival
Talents: Forager, Utinni!

Subjugated World
A once-rebellious planet now forced in line by oppressive military occupation.
Skills: Leadership, Knowledge (warfare), Resilience
Talents: Basic Combat Training, Blooded

Isolated Outpost
A research station, mining operation, or penal colony cut off from humanity by incomprehensible distances.
Skills: Discipline, Knowledge (education), Knowledge (xenology)
Talents: Grit, Researcher

Between The Stars
A life living on starships and constantly moving, forever in flux and struggling to find meaning and never having a true home.
Skills: Astrogation, Knowledge (outer rim), Piloting (space)
Talents: Galaxy Mapper, Well Travelled


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2 responses to “Torchbearer Towns in Star Wars

  • ozymandeus

    Steven I was wondering if at some point you could make a post about any techniques you use to help or direct your players toward creating more interesting characters to help tie the PCs together as a group and give the GM hooks to play with. I’ve found that Obligation, Motivation, and Destiny work well with the PC/GM relationship, but what about inter-group relations? Or what if you have a player who just isn’t terribly creative and could use some concrete lists to help give them interesting character ideas?

    I’ve been playing various Apocalypse World hacks and one aspect I really enjoyed is how the character playbooks have lists of various traits to consider, and have a series of questions that force the player to ask about their PC as well as their relationship with other PCs. Questions like “A PC made a personal sacrifice to get you out of a tight spot, and you owe them.” or “Your actions resulted in the death or injury of a PC’s loved one. What happened?”

    Picking a ‘hometown’ from this list is a great first step towards a more involved method of PC creation, but I would find it really helpful to hear your thoughts on how you work with your players during the character creation process. I think strong character creation is especially important for a sandbox driven game that revolves around the characters.

    Thanks for all the tools you’ve shared, I’m starting a new game soon and your site has been beyond helpful!

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