Start of May EotE Tips

Here’s a list of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve been dispensing on social media platforms for the past two weeks, in no particular order:

  • WHEN IN DOUBT: Let the players decide.
  • WHEN IN DOUBT: Roll a Force die.
  • WHEN IN DOUBT: Destroy something beautiful.
  • WHEN IN DOUBT: Go big, go wacky, go over-the-top.
  • WHEN IN DOUBT: It’s a Trap! Turn everything against the players, including whom they thought were their allies.
  • Males/females are lab specimens. Men/women are real people with feelings and a story.
  • Name every NPC, every planet, and every starship.
  • Not every Threat is related to the specific task that happened. Sometimes, it just introduces new dangers seemingly out of the blue.
  • Don’t let yourself be tied down to any sort of canon. Remake the galaxy in your image.
  • Allow canon to be a helpful inspiration & add a sense of verisimilitude. The works of all the authors before you shouldn’t be wasted

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3 responses to “Start of May EotE Tips

  • Maveritchell

    “Males/females are lab specimens. Men/women are real people”

    I know we disagree a little here! More to the point, I think it’s worth delineating between a scientific approach to terminology and a colloquial approach.

    Spoken dialogue should always have a little bit of a voice to it – it should be colloquial, and use terms like “women,” “folks,” “guys,” etc. Informational dialogue, though, should feel like informational dialogue. If I pull up a datapad on Anakin Skywalker (circa Attack of the Clones), it’ll probably say “Tatooinian male, age 19, affiliated with the Jedi Order.”

    I agree with you that sterile terms like “male” and “female” carry with them a certain tone, but disagree that they’re things you should avoid. If something conveys a certain idea, use it when appropriate.

  • Brandon

    Man, some of these are so insightful, but the simplicity of making some of these decisions makes them easily overlooked or forgotten, especially in the heat of the moment. The ‘When in doubt’ stuff, in particular.
    You must unlearn…

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