End of May EotE Tips

Here’s a list of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve been dispensing on social media platforms for the past two weeks, in no particular order:

  • A galaxy is composed of gas and dust and billions upon billions of stars. Don’t retread old ground; explore something new.
  • Never let your player characters get comfortable. Always be on the lookout for new challenges and twists.
  • Don’t get comfortable. Push your limits & step out of your comfort zone. Do the unexpected, even if you’re not good very at it.
  • Think about how Obligation, Motivation, and Duty can be integrated into every adventure.
  • Before the first adventure in a campaign, have a general idea of how the campaign will end. Take control, don’t just wander about.
  • Be careful about getting too nitty gritty with combat. This isn’t a tactical game. Sometimes, a single die roll is fine.
  • Don’t worry about “game balance”. The players will scale their actions and risk they’re willing to take to suit your narrative.
  • Don’t hate the PC’s, but understand that you work for people who do. Give them difficult challenges.
  • If success on a skill check is required to move the story forward, don’t roll dice.
  • If you can’t muster the same passion for gaming anymore, take a break. Sporadic, great sessions are better than constant crap.

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2 responses to “End of May EotE Tips

  • davidneilmeetze

    If you don’t roll dice for a skill check, what are you using? I have had PC’s need to make it out of a room or find a certain hidden item and it take them a while to figure out the direction I was going for – so I get it…but what do you have them do?

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