C is for Crime & Punishment

ugo_princess-leiaThe Galactic Empire rules its subjects through uncompromising laws. Frequently, your player characters will encounter, or become, special Imperial citizens that have been accused of a heinous crime. These crimes all represent cases that are somehow unique, with the details of the circumstances left open to fit the needs of the Galaxy Master’s story.

Each crime has a Perpetrator, an individual suspected to be the head of the offense or perhaps merely a scapegoat. A suggested list of misconduct is then provided to describe the Crime for which this character stands accused.

Each wrongdoing here is consider a grave felony and with comes a Punishment designed to instill abject horror in any would-be felons. When the player characters get involved with this crime, and surely they will, a complication or wrinkle will be brought up that may make them question their previously held values. The Motivation behind the crime, why the perpetrator committed such an act, should come as some sort of surprise or revelation, a most excellent way to introduce ethical and moral decisions onto the players at your table.

Roll randomly (d10) on the charts below or choose the grim sentence of your own volition.

When designing a Crime & Punishment, it may be helpful to also envision the associated Trial to go with it.

1 a supposedly neutral star system inciting rebellion
2 Admiral of an Imperial Fleet aiding and abetting terrorism
3 General of an Imperial Army smuggling
4 Imperial Moff or other regional authority kidnapping
5 ace pilot or other military specialist assassination
6 brilliant scientist or engineer genocide
7 feared member of the Inner Circle grand larceny
8 extremely wealthy and powerful corporate leader heresy
9 Mid-Rim peasant sabotage
0 low-level clerk in the Core Worlds tax evasion


1 eradication of the offender’s family or species Love
2 lifetime incarceration Freedom
3 permanent exile; Outer Rim or Unknown Regions Fame
4 forced amputation Greed
5 delivery unto the Imperial Bio-Viziers Power
6 enslavement Religion / Spirituality
7 public execution – immolation Species Rights
8 public execution – electrocution Justice / Vengeance
9 public execution – devoured by alien beasts Redemption
0 public execution – a clean death Falsely Accused



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