Start of June EotE Tips

Here’s a list of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve been dispensing on social media platforms for the past two weeks, in no particular order:

  • When designing a scene, establish why combat here would be a bad idea. Fights will happen on their own, don’t encourage them.
  • Present outlandish rewards (lightsabers, starships, cybernetics, etc.), at the cost of outlandish danger or penalty.
  • Find ways to emphasize underused skills, such as the Astrogation. Build your challenges around them.
  • Make every adventure ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! … but also kind of unfair.
  • If a rule bit is becoming trite, boring, or grinding the flow of the game; make a single skill check and move on.
  • Every campaign should have a few lightsabers, even “campaigns” that are only a single adventure. It’s not Star Wars without them.
  • Every enemy fears something or someone. What keeps your Nemesis awake at night?
  • It’s a used future. Make things broken, scuffed, old, someone else’s property, or just totally gross.
  • Use strict out-of-game time limits to ratchet up the tension and emphasize quick decisions.
  • Steal your players’ ideas. Let them speculate on clues & grab a hold of the most interesting / controversial theory they come up with.

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5 responses to “Start of June EotE Tips

  • GM Adeptus


    Pay attention to th players speculation on unknowns and then grab the most interesting that still feels like it is part of the story/game flow and go!

    Of the canned adventures we’ve played none have gone the same directions or ended quite the same way as written. Two Ways Home ended up generating an ongoing ‘nemisis’ character (sith-soul possessed, cortosis-weave sword welding, grand-templar of the knight of humanity’s glory) that is not the captain of IEF Agarix.

    • C. Steven Ross

      ohmygod tell me everything about your run of “Only Two Ways Home”!

      • GM Adeptus

        From the very beginning, things were slightly different than presented in the ‘Background’ statements.
        Preparation Briefing — The PCs (interested in joining The Rebellion) had been selected by Representatives of The Alliance to go in pretending to be a regular bounty hunter team (Obligation: A Test of Allegiance). Admiral Manion had put out a call for Bounty Hunters and Alliance Intelligence wanted inside info to backup what they had. The team was given very small hints about IEF Agarix and Kitano’s possible breakaway effort. Their end mission – bring Kitano over to the rebellion with his ship and under no circumstance allow the Empire to regain control of the Agarix or Kitano.
        Episode 1 — Lambs in the Lion’s Den (The players were made to feel as if they are figuratively in a den of lions) [Fear Checks] — There are nine other ‘teams’ in the initial briefing (offer of CR5,000 to disable the IEF Agarix) but four teams leave with quiet grumbles of ‘not worth it’ and other statements of business elsewhere. (PCs hang tough) Next briefing, Admiral Manion personally adds in info about Captain Kitano’s alleged tie to the ‘Knights of Humanity’s Glory’ and then offers an increased reward for his capture alive, “No Disintegrations!” Two more teams beg-off at this and are allowed to go. The PCs and the three other remaining teams are given datapads with the available information and instructions on making contact if, uhm, when successful. [Perception/Vigilance Checks] Departing the ISD , PCs note two ships being moved off deeper into the ISD’s huge docking bays.

      • GM Adeptus

        installement 2, Only Two Ways Home
        The PC’s confabulate and on their way to Crackull (players say: Crack Skull) System, in hope of meeting their ‘Alliance Assignment’ objective, hash out a ‘plan of action’ to put themselves on the IEF Agarix and in contact with Kitano before any other BH Team can arrive or take action. With quick-thinking and judicious use of the team’s backgrounds, they layout an audacious plot to get them onboard the Imperial Escort Frigate Agarix and brought to Captain Kitano himself.
        Episode 2 — To Make a Leap of Faith – Deciding to hyperspace jump into the Crackull System at one of the outer jump-points, the team came in acting like ‘galaxy mappers’ . They were almost immediately intercepted by what they first thought were pirates. (panic: cool check…”do we shoot’em o?)
        Turns out the ‘pirate’ starfighters are aligned with the IEF Agarix and are out there on a ‘standard system patrol’. The team’s ship is escorted insystem by the fighters to the Agarix, which was hiding in the maskout zone above the second planet. They come right in and are docked to the exterior if the Imperial Escort Frigate, boarded and searched by two groups of Imp Navy marines, then lead onto the larger ship.
        The plan had worked! Marched off their transport by the two Marines in grey trooper armor with red paldrons marked with a blue fist & sword, the team is escorted by the self-proclaimed ‘First Office’ Kurtz. They are taken to the CIC overlooking the aft docking bay, where they are introduced to Kitano, Captain of the IEF Agarix and defacto Moff of Crackull System.
        Kitano, a rather genial and aristocratic older gentleman (the absolute visage of a man in total control of his enviroment), seems to accept the team’s cover-story at face value. Dismissing the pair of guards, Kitano tells a young and visibly frightened female officer to ‘hold the fort’ while he gives his guests a tour of his ship. Kitano takes them on a leisurely tour while describing the situation here in the Crackull System and life aboard Agarix since their arrival some five years ago.
        [Situation as presented: Kitano with the help of his now ex-first officer Cadmus and his followers has taken control of the system. Kitano, allied with the small colony on Crackull 2, has worked out a deal with most of the pirates operating in and near the system. ‘Hiring on’ the pirates as system defense forces, Kitano has built a safe refuge for his crew and for the colony. In fact, the system is starting to prosper, now able to trade with a couple nearby star systems without the constant threat of pirate attacks. He explained that Cadmus, was a disciple of the Knights of Humanity’s Glory, which Kitano admits to also having been a follower. Anyway, Cadmus had put together a cadre of men and made it his personal mission to pacify the Crackull System, which at first Kitano had fully supported. However, Cadmus had changed after returned from a scouting mission to a nearby system, he had come back fired up with a religious like fanaticism. Resigning as First Officer of the Agarix, Cadmus makes a deal with Kitano to continue to work with him in return for Kitano’s support of his new position ‘High Templar’ of the Knights of Humanity’s Glory. Kitano, taken aback by Cadmus’ fervor, agreed and let him setup a ‘Temple’ in the forward part of the ship. Cadmus withdrew with his men for a short time while constructing the ‘temple’ but after a while came out and with a cadre of now also changed men, set about enlisting others into the Templar Knight’s Order of Humanity’s Glory! There were now two factions aboard the Agarix, those loyal to Kitano and those of The Order.]
        Stopping outside a turbolift, Kitano (a look of slight worry or hesitancy crossing his face) offers to take the team down a level to show them the ‘Temple’ facilities “while his Lordship, the High Templar of The Knight’s Order” was off-ship.
        —– G.M.Adeptus

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