Final EotE Tips

Here’s a list of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve been dispensing on social media platforms for the past two weeks, in no particular order. This is the last of my helpful tips & tricks, at least for the foreseeable future. I hope you’ve all found them entertaining and/or useful! I’ve you’ve got any questions about more specific topis or areas of interest, please let me know in the Comments below.

  • Hit your players with multiple threats at once. Make them worry about dangers coming from all angles.
  • If the Empire is involved; how does this all fit into The Emperor’s elaborate secret plans? If it doesn’t, stretch your imagination.
  • Have a crazy contingency plan for every major enemy that will protect them in some way. Clones, escape pod, hostage, secretly a Jedi.
  • A good alternative to combat, especially in space, is a Chase Scene. Who’s running? What for? Why is it dangerous to follow?
  • Bait the players into taking more Obligation. Offer them an easy way out of a bad situation or a quick increase in power/wealth.
  • Have a list of twists to introduce for when each character triggers their Obligation. Derail your dumb story to spotlight a player.
  • Figure out what real-life subjects your players think are cool or unsettling. Spice up your adventures with those.
  • Instead of the usual back-and-forth of Destiny Points, try this: all PCs roll 3 Force Dice and gain Destiny for Light Side. GM can never use Destiny.
  • TRIUMPH: reveal a secret, gain a clue to a puzzle, add an opportunity for profit, reveal a welcome truth, an unexpected ally appears
  • DESPAIR: complicate a puzzle, It’s a trap!, add a new enemy, put in a moral twist, reveal an unwelcome truth, something is destroyed

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5 responses to “Final EotE Tips

  • Roger

    Great work as we have come to expect!! Many Thanks and best wishes

  • GM Adeptus

    …wait…you’re stopping? Why? What about when AoR finally makes it to the shops? T&D is good stuff!

    • C. Steven Ross

      I’m just stopping the daily tips for awhile. I had a big backlog of general advice and such and now I’ve run out of steam there.

      Interestingly, though I own the EotE Core Rulebook, I’ve really only used the Beta books for my games. For me, Age of Rebellion Beta has been out since August 2013.

      • GM Adeptus

        okay, breath, T&D not closing down.

        …wheew…nearly had me there…

        you play sitdown, F2F? how big is your group?

      • C. Steven Ross

        Yes, I pretty much only play face-to-face tabletop games anymore, I just can’t get the same level of intensity and engagement across a computer screen. For FFG Star Wars, I’ve run two campaigns: an Edge of the Empire game with 6 players and CRUSH the REBELLION also with 6 players. I regularly am playing Torchbearer right now and we have 4 players and the DM.

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