Lando_smoothieYet another port from Dungeon World are character features. Features are a quick way to add a distinctive flair to your character’s appearance and perhaps mannerisms. Features are best added into a game at the very beginning, however there is no penalty to integrating them mid-campaign. Players may choose a set of feature descriptors based on any one of the Careers or associated Specializations their character has access to and may change their feature descriptors when an appropriate milestone has been reached in the story, such as gaining access to a new Specialization. Each set of descriptors is grouped into three’s, allowing players to make an interesting decision about their character without being overwhelmed by a myriad of options. The descriptors used are also purposefully vague enough to be applied to any number of myriad alien Species, but still carry enough detail to be meaningful.

For each category, choose an option for your character, or make one up that sounds way cooler; this is not a comprehensive list.

This method of assigning features to a character ties those features into the character’s Career in lieu of the character’s Species. I thought long and hard on this decision and came to it purposefully. Describing one’s eyes, hair, etc. in terms of their Species may be interesting to some, that kind of technical detail doesn’t add much to the story and doesn’t tell us anything interesting beyond a minor anecdote. I’ve never cared if your wizard has grey eyes or blue eyes, so I’m not going to start caring about the shade of green of your Rodian’s skin. I do, however, care about how your character takes care of themselves and what feelings their features project onto others.


  • Caring Eyes, Clear Eyes, or Sad Eyes
  • Fashionable Clothes, Ceremonial Clothes, or Clinical Clothes
  • Graceful Body, Flabby Body, or Scrawny Body


  • Bright Eyes, Wise Eyes, or Sharp Eyes
  • Traveling Clothes, Camouflaged Clothes, or Primitive Clothes
  • Fit Body, Emaciated Body, or Soft Body

Bounty Hunter

  • Watching Eyes, Calculating Eyes, or Cold Eyes
  • Battered Armor, Camouflaged Armor, or Polished Armor
  • Ravaged Body, Lean Body, or Muscular Body


  • Spectacled Eyes, Obsessed Eyes, or Quick Eyes
  • Technical Uniform, Grease-covered Overalls, or Foil Jumpsuit
  • Lanky Body, Pudgy Body, or Sharp Body

Hired Gun

  • Guarded Eyes, Hard Eyes, or Merciless Eyes
  • Military Uniform, Combat Clothes, or Utility Clothes
  • Muscular Body, Massive Body, or Compact Body


  • Suspicious Eyes, Shifty Eyes, or Soft Eyes
  • Dashing Clothes, Elegant Clothes, or Flight Suit
  • Thin Body, Sensual Body, or Strong Body


  • Wise Eyes, Weary Eyes, or Eager Eyes
  • Flowing Robes, Concealing Robes, or Sleak Uniform
  • Battered Body, Aged Body, or Fit Body


  • Hard Eyes, Sharp Eyes, or Merciless Eyes
  • Flight Suit, Traveling Clothes, or Combat Clothes
  • Compact Body, Graceful Body, or Slim Body


  • Troubled Eyes, Caring Eyes, or Obsessed Eyes
  • Military Uniform, Formal Clothes, or Expensive Clothes
  • Tall Body, Lean Body, or Flabby Body


  • Kind Eyes, Soft Eyes, or Haunting Eyes
  • Ceremonial Clothes, Dashing Clothes, or Strange Robes
  • Thin Body, Soft Body, or Built Body


  • Spectacled Eyes, Calculating Eyes, or Shifty Eyes
  • Technical Uniform, Casual Clothes, or Practical Work Clothes
  • Knobby Body, Sturdy Body, or Fit Body


  • Cold Eyes, Burning Eyes, or Tormented Eyes
  • Military Uniform, Clinical Clothes, or Camouflaged Clothes
  • Toned Body, Strong Body, or Ravaged Body


  • Watching Eyes, Casual Eyes, or Shrouded eyes
  • Casual Clothes, Dark Clothes, or Utility Clothes
  • Wiry Body, Supple Body, or Scrawny Body

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One response to “Features

  • mdl780

    This looks like a fun and interesting way to describe what can sometimes be generic descriptors. Interestingly enough this surfaces just in time for a new campaign that I am about to start….*YOINK!*

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