DDE Adventures

Hello friends,
I return to Triumph & Despair with tidings. Long have I wandered the realms of tabletop gaming, searching for a muse, seeking that which to inspire my works. I have settled in for a new venture called DDE Adventures. There I will be teaming up with some brilliant minds to create and publish the kind of tense, imaginative, challenging roleplaying game adventures that I enjoy.
DDE Adventures has just come out with their first offering, my own creation for the fantasy RPG Torchbearer, called The Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga. You can get it here. If you’ve ever read anything here on Triumph & Despair and thought to yourself, “man, this is so great! I wish I could buy this Ross fellow a beer!”, then download Lost Crown and throw me a few bucks.
For you hardcore Star Wars fans, this is still a site to keep an eye on, as we have already started on putting together a wild concept game based on the Edge of the Empire mechanics (Kill Hitler), a hard scifi adventure inspired by the movie ‘Sunshine‘ (Icarus), and a strictly Star Wars adventure coming down the pike in the next few months (as yet untitled).

If you like my work here and want to see more, keep up with my latest endeavors at http://ddeadventures.wordpress.com


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