Rogue Event 09 – Alien Research Facility


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 6 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


Your starship arrives near an EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate. Cursory sensor scans show the vessel’s defensive systems to be unpowered and standing down.

A man wearing cream-colored robes quickly messages you and appears on the holoviewer. The man is an uncommon alien species, the Jiupan, that you do not immediately recognize. He has a large, elongated body with six legs, two pair of arms, and his skin is composed of some sort of golden, silicon-based, rocky substance. His hard exterior shell is marked by cracks and streaks of dark gray, a sign of age.

“Ah! Hello and welcome! I am Doctor Kevamu of the Jiupan medical research facility. You’re the aliens roaming through this sector that everyone’s been talking about! Please, I’ve heard so much about you and I’m curious about your physiology! Would you come aboard our vessel and let us run a few simple tests? We would be happy to compensate you for your time.”

Crew Members can attempt to ascertain details about Doctor Kevamu’s species with a Hard (ddd) Knowledge (xenology) check. The exact details and depth of information is left to the Galaxy Master, although Advantage or Triumph from the check should inform the players that this species and culture is known for their easy temper, high societal value placed in science, but do not have the same fragility of other humanoid species and so are inclined to be more reckless in regards to personal safety and bodily harm.

If the Crew refuses the Doctor’s offer, he shrugs, sighs and responds:

“I see. That is a shame. Perhaps the next aliens we meet will have more respect for the advancement of science.”


Any number of non-droid Crew Members may volunteer for the experimentation. Doctor Kevamu explains that the procedure with be analyzing the volunteer’s spinal cellular structure with a cutting-edge, breakthrough technology utilizing new advancements in the field of nanomechanics. The procedure is promised to only take a few hours and is painless. Furthermore, the Doctor offers a non-negotiable 500 credit compensation to each Crew Member who volunteers for the procedure.

When the Crew arrives on board the medical facility, they are escorted from their starship to a luxurious and spacious waiting room by a half dozen white-robed Jiupan nurses. The ship is very clean, with white walls, bright lights, scores of medical droids, and curious Jiupan onlookers gawking at the Crew Members’ “bizarre” appearance.

The procedure goes as described, with each Crew Member strapped down onto a cold, sterile table while automatic lasers on reticulated arms scan their body surface. Tiny robots scurry along the patient’s back and a tingling sensation can be felt, as if one’s entire back had fallen asleep.

The procedure, naturally, is inherently flawed and dangerous. Each Crew Member subjected to this procedure rolls a d100 and gains a Critical Injury, modified by the results of an Average (dd) Resilience check. After the procedure, Doctor Kevamu and staff apologize for any harm, but claim no legal responsibility.

Resilience Check

Each Success: Subtract 10 from the net result of the Critical Injury roll. A roll of 0 or lower indicates no lasting effect.
Each Failure: Add 10 from the net result of the Critical Injury roll.

Each Advantage: The results are particularly helpful and the scientists are able to reward you greater. Gain an additional 100 credits.
Each Threat: The results are woefully inadequate and the scientists are unable to reward you as they would like. The base monetary reward is reduced by 100 credits.

Each Triumph: Roll an additional time for the Critical Injury, taking the lowest result.
Each Despair: Roll an additional time for the Critical Injury, taking the highest result.

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