Rogue Event 11 – Trapped on a Moon


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect five vessels, each of Silhouette 4, at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


As your starship drifts closer, you come upon a sensor-obscuring emerald gadolinite nebula.

A unique mercantile environment exists in the nebula whereupon you have a singular opportunity to make some fast cash. Five different colored moons dwell within the nebula. Each moon is occupied by a different species, each of which has a unique transport ship, legitimate business front, and a different illicit trade in forbidden cargo. If you and your Crew can use your powers of deduction to unravel all of the details of each moon and its people, you stand to make a tidy profit. Incorrect deductions, however, will result in poor trades and you might just lose your shirt in the negotiations!

After as much observation and scanning as possible, your sensors provide the following information (the Galaxy Master is encouraged to print and distribute this information):

1. Humans live on the red moon.
2. Rodians fly Corellian YT-1300 freighters, though another species prefers the YT-2400 model.
3. Grains and other foodstuffs are grown on the orange moon, harvested by machines produced on a seperate moon.
4. Bothans in this region are known to produce medicinal supplies.
5. The orange moon has the next widest orbit immediately after the purple moon.
6. Explosives are often smuggled aboard Firespray Patrol Craft.
7. Narcotics can be found in back alleys of the yellow moon.
8. Droids are manufactured on the moon in the center of the nebula.
9. Hutts control the first moon.
10. A species who trade in Wookiee slaves live on a moon adjacent to the species who use Mobquet MB-C1 transports.
11. Narcotics are dealt on a moon next to the moon where the Ghtroc 720 freighter is flown.
12. A legitimate front of selling starship parts conceals a much more profitable business in transporting endangered animals.
13. The Twi’leks of this nebula know how to get a hold of jedi artifacts.
14. Hutts live next to the blue moon.


This encounter is a fun little diversion and mental challenge for the players. Do not allow any further skill checks or other in-game means of revealing additional information. This challenge tests the wits of the players themselves, on not on how well they can build their character or how lucky their dice are. All the information needed to solve this puzzle has been laid out before them.

The answer to this economic ecosystem has been revealed in the chart below. This encounter is a slight variant on the classic Zebra Puzzle, re-skinned to fit within the Star Wars milieu. By using logical deduction and reasoning, a sharp group of players should have no trouble with this encounter.

Correctly deducing this puzzle earns the Crew a quick profit of 500 credits, whereas incorrect answers lead to botched trade deals and a net loss of 100 credits. This encounter is designed as a one-time event and the people of the emerald gadolinite nebula cannot be repeatedly exploited.


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