Rogue Event 12 – Disabled Transport


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 5 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


You find a disabled transport ship, unpowered, floating in a sector of space jam packed full of debris. Blasted hulks, wrecked starfighters, and twisted metal fill the area; as well as a communications beacon. The device transmits a warning to all who come near, cautioning that this derelict vessel is protected by Imperial patrols and should not be approached. The transport has scorch marks along its hull and large sections of its superstructure exposed to the vacuum of space. However, sensors indicate that many key components of the starship are intact, making this a prime candidate for a lucrative, but risky, salvage operation.

Salvage operations are directed by a single member of the Crew, who makes either a Perception, Mechanics, or Knowledge (education) check on the entire Crew’s behalf in an attempt to strip as much valuable material as possible before the inevitable arrival of the authorities. The difficulty to salvage the transport is an Average (dd) check. However, the lingering threat of an impending Imperial patrol adds stress and pressure to the situation, upgrading the check (c) once. Additionally, the wreckage-strewn starship junkyard the transport is in adds two Setback dice (bb) to the Salvage Check as well as any Pilot checks made in the area, for a total Salvage (dcbb) check.


Each Success: The Crew salvages a bushel of viable scrap parts (10 Encumbrance). A bushel of scrap parts can be sold for 500 credits.

Each Advantage: The Imperial patrol starts the Encounter up to one Range Band further away and up to two Speed categories slower.
Each Threat: The Imperial patrol starts the Encounter up to one Range Band closer and up to two Speed categories faster.

Each Triumph: It’s a trap!
But not meant for you. A small starfighter piloted by a member of an anarchist group seeking to topple the peace and stability of the Galactic Empire emerges from hyperspace and distracts the Imperial patrol, granting your Crew a full round of actions before the three Blastboats turn their attention on your freighter.

Each Despair: It’s a trap!
The disabled transport explodes in a fiery flash, shock waves ripping through your own starship and it immediately suffers a Vehicle Critical Hit.


An Imperial patrol jumps into the system nearby while you are salvaging the ship and you intercept their comm chatter,

“…appears we’ve found some trouble. Moving to intercept.”

A wing of three GAT-12H Skipray Blastboats emerges from hyperspace at Medium Range from the Crew’s starship and at Speed 2; modified by the results of the Salvage Check.

Before you can plead your innocence they move in to attack. The Blastboats carry with them the might and terror of the Galactic Imperial Navy, and as such all Crew must immediately make an Average (dd) Fear check upon their arrival. The trio of Blastboats and the Crew then roll Vigilance to determine initiative.

Three Blastboats are an overwhelming force for a Crew of smugglers, as will become evident upon the first volley of missiles. To escape the system, the Crew must succeed on five consecutive Astrogation checks and then the pilot can make the jump into hyperspace. Since the Crew are under attack, the Astrogation checks will be Average (dd) Difficulty, with additional Difficulty Dice added as their vessel becomes damaged. The dense field of wreckage surrounding the transport adds two Setback Dice (bb) to all Pilot and Astrogation checks.



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