Rogue Event 13 – Large Asteroid Field


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 4 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


The edge of this star system is packed with a dense asteroid field, adding three Setback dice (bbb) to all Pilot (space) and Astrogation checks while in this region. Deftly avoiding the hurtling debris, you discover the remains of a starship embedded into an asteroid. The uncaring hand of fate then determines what surprises are in store by having the Galaxy Master roll a Force Die and adjudicating the Encounter based on the descriptions below.


Close scans reveal the engines and missile bay of the wrecked starship to be mostly undamaged. One member of the Crew may salvage the fuel and missiles of the starship with an Average (dd) Mechanics check. After an hour of work, you recover a concussion missile for each two Successes generated and 10 credits in profitable fuel for each Advantage generated. With a Triumph, the missile tubes can be recovered and reconfigured onto your starship, provided it has enough unused Hard Points.


In addition to the effects described under Ο, you happen upon an abandoned mining site. A single mining droid has been left behind and could be re-purposed for your use. One member of the Crew may program the droid with a successful Average (dd) Computers check. After an hour of work, the droid finally breaks down, but not before harvesting a number of crates of valuable rare earth mineral ores equal to the number of Successes generated. Each crate of ore occupies 5 Encumbrance and has a base worth of 100 credits. With a Triumph, the mining droid can be recovered. The droid itself occupies 10 Encumbrance and has a base value of 1,000 credits.

Close scans reveal the starship to be a worthless wreck. While making these scans, you find the asteroid field to be more dangerous than expected and you must react quickly to avoid impact with the rocky debris. Your starship’s pilot must immediately make a Hard Pilot (space) check (ddd), upgraded once (c), and including three Setback (bbb) to account for the dense asteroid field (ddcbbb).
For each Despair, your starship suffers one Vehicle Critical Hit.
For each Failure, your starship suffers 1 Hull Trauma.
For each Threat, your starship suffers 1 System Strain.


In addition to the effects described under •, a trio of space pirates flying Z-95 Headhunters is hiding behind one of the larger asteroids. In the blink of an eye, they fire up their engines and move in to attack you! Begin the combat with the Z-95 Headhunters at a Range Band equal to your starshsip’s Sensor Range and all starships at Speed 0. Roll a Cool check for the space pirates and a Vigilance check for the Crew to determine initiative.


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