Rogue Event 15 – De-Activated Imperial Probe


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 1 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


You find an imperial probe droid floating near an interstellar beacon. Despite its pristine condition, it appears to be deactivated. Probes of this type are known to collect vast amounts of data that are both encrypted and guarded by built-in security measures.


A Crew bringing in the deactivated probe on board their starship may attempt to slice into its protected databanks to retrieve valuable information. Doing so is an upgraded Daunting Computers (dddcbb) check, with a Setback die added due to encryption protocols on the data and an additional Setback die added due to the probes built-in security measures.

A successful check unlocks a single, powerful piece of information at random; chosen from the table below. Advantage increases the overall benefit of the information in some way, and each Triumph adds an additional, random piece of information that is combined with the original, changing both. If Threat is revealed, the probe is accidentally activated. Its weapons and shields go online; prepare for a fight! On a result showing Despair, Imperial authorities have been alerted to this infraction through emergency hyperspace signals and will pursue the Crew, adding 5 Obligation (criminal).

Random Valuable Data Table

Roll (d10) Data Recovered
1 Inside information that can be used to pull off an extremely profitable venture, such as a bank heist.
2 The location of a hidden Jedi.
3 The location of a hidden Rebel Alliance base or starship.
4 Security access codes to a military installation or starship.
5 Evidence that incriminates a Nemesis in a crime.
6 Evidence that exonerates the Crew or an ally from a crime.
7 Evidence of an embarrassing scandal perpetrated by a wealthy and powerful individual, such as an Imperial Moff.
8 Information that can be used to promote one of the Crew’s Motivations.
9 Information that can be used to reduce one of the Crew’s Obligations.
0 A devastating vulnerability in the Imperial military.


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