The Plague Star – Overview

So for awhile now, almost a year, I’ve been toying with the idea of releasing another dungeon crawl in the FFG Star Wars system. During this time I’ve been obsessed with the earlier weird sci-fi works of George RR Martin (yes, that one) and his 1,000 Worlds universe. I ran a pretty fun and successful full campaign this past summer, and then prepped to showcase a trophy adventure at some gaming conventions in both October and just last week. The campaign has been discussed a bit on this blog before, and I’m now finally at a point where I can share some of the adventure.

ASF_0654The overall plot of The Plague Star (the adventure) is pretty close to the plot of The Plague Star (the short story). The universe is recovering from an intergalactic dark age, the Interregnum, and resumption of spaceflight is finally coming back after many generations following the collapse of a grand galactic human Empire. Earth’s enemies, alien species known as the Fyndii and the Hrangans, have been badly beaten and wiped off of most worlds. The incredible power and technology of the height of the old earth empire is still lingering about, however, ready for intrepid explorers to risk their lives seizing it. In The Plague Star, one such group of mercenaries finds a 1,000-year-old Earth Ecological Core seedship drifting through a star system under minimal power, derelict and ripe for the taking. Control of the seedship comes with it the full might and technology of the Earth Ecological Core and the ability to remake the ecology of an entire planet through genetic engineering and a cellular database of the most hideous monsters and diseases of the entire galaxy. The invading crew soon find out that the seedship is controlled by a homicidal telepathic AI supercomputer and must find a way to shut it down. It’s a weird dungeon crawl set in space, filled with disease and horror.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Unfortunately, it’s stuck. My dream was to be able to publish this for full public consumption, something to be really proud of, but I think with the IP issues involved, I just can’t make it a for-sale item while still retaining my vision. So, for the rest of this month I’ll be dissecting the notes I have and making them at least usable, posted here. If you feel it’s worthwhile and exciting, please go over to Defy Danger , the Defy Danger Blog , and our DriveThruRpg Products and give some support to where most of my creative energies have been going the last year or so.


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