The Plague Star – Threats

Whenever I write up an Edge of the Empire adventure, I always like to have a list of twists (Threat, Advantage, Triumph, Despair) at the ready to both keep me on message and as a go-to in case I run low on creativity in the heat of the moment. Here they are!


  1. Summon a monster – cloaker, cobal-cat, Scorpion-Lizard, Hruun Giant, Dactaloid Abductor, Frost Vampire, star vampire, Rot Grubs, jamison spider, breth hounds, subterranean fire worm
  2. Brown Mold – feeds on heat
  3. Yellow Mold – large spore area, feeds on psionics
  4. Russet Mold – mind control, vegepygmy
  5. Tear in a spacesuit – Expose PCs to a deadly bacterial/viral/fungal infection
  6. Release deadly spores
  7. Hull Breach! The character nearest to the rupture must succeed on an Average (dd) Resilience check or have their body and all their possessions sucked through an inch-wide hole. Characters failing this check are killed instantly with their equipment and bodily remains ejected into the void.
  8. A sudden explosive delivers a Critical Hit to you or a nearby ally.
  9. Emergency bulkhead smashes down, sealing off a passage.
  10. Engage auto-defenses
  11. Psionic lure
  12. Cans of explosive gas
  13. Vorpal trap
  14. Fire, it spreads
  15. Turn off gravity / enhance gravity
  16. Crystals that amplify / split laser beams
  17. Hungry/thirsty, angry, afraid, exhausted
  18. Enemies are alerted to your presence, granting a b to their Initiative checks and imposing b to your skill checks involving discretion and subterfuge.
  19. The door out of this room becomes electrified.
  20. Hope is lost. Make a Fear check.



  1. Reveal a new Rumor.
  2. Verify the truth or falsity of a rumor.
  3. Reveal a cache of medical supplies.
  4. Reveal stowed away hand-held weapons or explosives.
  5. A nearby trap or hazard is delayed or disabled.
  6. A secret compartment is found bearing a reward
  7. A subtle hint to a puzzle or secret is revealed.
  8. A sudden explosive delivers a Critical Hit to a nearby foe.
  9. You find a temporarily blind spot in the ship’s sensors and can take a moment to recover Strain without danger.

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