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(PbP) HEIST I – Century Eagle


The Lucky Hand glides through the dusty, ruby nebula to the ponderous, slow bulk freighter Century Eagle. The vessel rotate about, an elegant waltz through the cosmic sea, and they pitch perpendicular to each other for docking procedures. Steel clamps bear down on the smaller Lucky Hand, holding it steady. Airlocks hiss, compress, decompress, and finally release. The two ships are as one.

  • The footfalls of the Crew of the Lucky Hand ring hollow across a shallow steel ramp into a cavernous cargo bay, 50 ft. on a side with a 30 ft. ceiling.
  • A steel grate walkway wraps around the perimeter of the room. A pair of armed Imperial Stormtroopers stands guard with blasters drawn, aimed at you.
  • Great, big, bright white lights hang from above; however, they shed no light. Instead, flashing red emergency lights pulse a repeating pattern of crimson lights, casting shadows all about.
  • A massive, closed doorway at the opposite end of the room indicates the way out. Another group of 2 Stormtroopers stands in front of the door.
  • Flickering blue light from a nearby computer terminal illuminates the gray wall.
  • A human woman clothed in an Imperial uniform stands behind a waist-high console covered in buttons and levers. Her hair and most of her facial features are obscured by the dim light and the tightly fitting green hat she is wearing. A blaster pistol is holstered at her side, and a third group of two Stormtroopers flank her.
  • The ship is on high alert, with a piercing alarm klaxon blaring via wall speakers.
  • BEHIND THE SCENES: All Vigilance checks are upgraded, but all skill checks requiring focused concentration suffer 2 Setback dice.

The woman speaks in a commanding voice, shouting out to you: “Welcome aboard the Century Eagle, captain ….? Please leave your weapons and droids stowed safely away on your ship while the repairs are conducted.

Century Eagle Holding Bay

What do you do?


(PbP) HEIST I – Arrival at Ytha’ak

red nebulaThe Lucky Hand emerges from the nether of interstellar travel and on the edge of the Ytha’ak System. A billowing shell of crimson gas orbits the inner star system like a blood-stained shell.

Your starship parks gently upon a nearby large asteroid, all power shut down save minimal environmental controls. A long wait occurs in the cold, dark ship as the Crew looks for the faint signs of the approaching Imperial convoy using nothing but eyes and windows. It is during this wait that your patience is tested, not from this tedious yet stressful part of the heist. No, your patience is worn thin by the incessant chattering of Tyfor Pnomm. Constant vigilance is required here, yet the Gand Bounty Hunter seems incapable of controlling itself. “Can we play a round of cards? I’ve got 50 credits that says the convoy never arrives. Who’s in, seriously? Hey, can we stop on the planet afterwards, maybe they have a casino?”

Tyfor’s addiction gets the better of him and he is unable to cope adequately, reducing his Strain Threshold by 2 for the remainder of the Heist as he frets and worries about getting his next game in. This potential liability and constant worrying affects the rest of the Crew as well. Each other Crew Member has their Strain Threshold reduced by 1 for the remainder of the Heist.

Thankfully, the waiting is over and a train of twelve starships punches their way through the outer cloud and into the nebula. By all accounts, they are now flying blind. When the last starship disappears from view, The Lucky Hand lights up, powers up, and gives chase to its prey. The convoy is crawling through the nebula at the slowest pace they can, but will still only leave a few hours to complete the delivery and escape without being noticed.

Thanks to some unorthodox modifications to the sensor system by Lita, The Lucky Hand‘s sensors cut through the interference cause by the spatial hazard. Though still full of static and other distortions, you detect a convoy of 11 bulk transports leading the way through the ruddy expanse, crawling through, unable to avoid collisions with small bits of rock and other detritus. But your ship can detect these things and easily avoid them, no collisions for you!

tantive ivAt the tail end of the convoy, an Imperial CR90 Corvette armed light escort vessel guards the rear of this wagon train.


Upon visiting a new star system, the Galaxy Master has rolled a d100 with the result of (57). Looking at the Crew’s character sheets, he notes that this number falls within the range of one of the Crew’s Obligation. In this case, we are pointed to triggering Tyfor Pnomm‘s gambling addiction. Serendipitously, this falls in line with Blob’s descriptions from last post. The triggering Crew Member is most affected, but the stress worries everyone else as well.

(PbP) HEIST I – Arms Runner


The galaxy is gripped by CIVIL WAR and the perfect grounds for those with daring and wits to profit from the chaos. The REBEL ALLIANCE has placed a hidden platoon of elite soldiers on board the Imperial transport CENTURY EAGLE, carrying colonists and agricultural equipment to the watery planet of YTHA’AC, located in the far reaches of the GALACTIC OUTER RIM. Their mission is to arrive at an Imperial outpost undetected and take control of the outpost, scoring a major victory against the oppressive GALACTIC EMPIRE. The Rebel troops are already in place, but are unarmed. A crew of vagabonds and ne’er-do-wells aboard the light freighter THE LUCKY HAND have been contracted by Alliance Leaders to slip past Imperial patrols and covertly deliver a shipment of weapons to the Rebels while en route to the outpost.

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(PbP) Ship & Crew

This page will be used mainly for bookkeeping and note tracking for the Triumph & Despair Play-by-Post Edge of the Empire Campaign. It holds the vital stats of all six Crew Members, their starship “The Lucky Hand“, and the composition of the Destiny Points, referred to as the “Balance In The Force“.

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(PbP) Galaxy Map

This Galaxy Map represents the known hyperspace routes of all star systems known to the Crew of Triumph & Despair‘s Play-by-Plus Edge of the Empire campaign.

New Picture


Anteros System (19, 15)
Primary Type: Frozen
Primary Industry: Primitive Civilization

Gand (15, 14)
Primary Type: Toxic Atmosphere
Industry: Species Homeworld


Desol System (14, 24)
Primary Type: Jovian / Gaseous Planet
Primary Industry: Spaceport

Elerion (06, 13)
Primary Type: Asteroid Belt
Primary Industry: Recreation

Kothlis (18, 21)
Primary Type: Volcanic
Primary Industry: Trade

Riddellia (22, 09)
Primary Type: Earth-like
Primary Industry: New Colony

Tau Cetis (11, 06)
Primary Type: Artificially Constructed
Primary Industry: Trade

Ytha’ac (22, 16)
Planet Type: Agricultural
Primary Industry: New Colony

(PbP) Crew Creation

Star-Wars-Crew-630x416As discussed previously here, Triumph & Despair will be hosting a play-by-post campaign to help illustrate how the Edge of the Empire rules work with the suggestions presented on this blog, as well as serve as an example of an impromptu Star Wars campaign unfolding before everyone’s eyes.

The players will be using our new public Google+ Community (linked here) to construct their Crew Members, their relationships to one another and towards non-player characters, and to construct their shared starship. The tone of the campaign, the types of Heists they will be interested in, and the seeds of development will be set forth right here. While the the Crew could use the convenience of emails to do this work, the Galaxy Master demands that they use this public venue so as to give any onlookers some insight into the creative process behind character creation. I want to show you “how the sausage is made”. The players have been asked to have ship and crew creation completed by Friday February 1st, 2013.

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(PbP) Introduction

I’ll be the first to admit it – I spout out a whole lot of words on Triumph & Despair and don’t have enough actual play experience to really back it up. My home games are locked up in previous commitments and scheduling conflicts, leaving me with a scant few actual play sessions with the Edge of the Empire rules. Who, then, am I to get up on my digital soapbox and make such proclamations as I am wont to do?

In an effort to gain a greater understanding of the Edge of the Empire rules and how they interact with the material presented here on Triumph & Despair, I will be conducting a sandbox-style play-by-post Edge of the Empire campaign utilizing many of the resources here, such as Edge of the Empire Alphabet. The game will be played by a group of guys across the U.S. and Canada whom I have developed a great working relationship with in the past, but all of whom are very unfamiliar with the Edge of the Empire rules. In this way the play-by-post game will also serve as an introduction and example of how the game works to newcomers.


Due to the nature of play-by-post gaming and the timing issues involved; I, the Galaxy Master, will be making all dice rolls (using the app) and relaying the information back to the Crew. A certain level of trust has to be made here, one I know this group will have no problem with, but may be a concern for others trying to imitate what we’re doing. I will be explaining in detail many of the parts of the game rules as if trying to teach the game to a fresh faced group of brand new gamers – because that’s kind of where we are at.

Many game elements that have mechanics to limit the amount of bookkeeping from week to week will be streamlined. So, once per session effects will be treated as once per H is for Heist. Destiny Points will start the campaign as 3 Light and 3 Dark, never to be randomized again. Also, Destiny Points will rarely be able to be used by the Crew as Raising the Stakes (EotE Beta p.23).


As an open-world game, the campaign will be completely “off the rails”. I will not use the Beginner Box adventure, Long Arm of the Hutt, Crate of Krayts, or in fact any pre-generated, scripted Heist. The game will follow the randomization mechanics presented here on Triumph & Despair in the Edge of the Empire Alphabet, guiding the Crew to the completion of their Motivations / D is For Destiny through a 3-step dramatic arc. The campaign will end when all six (6) Crew have fulfilled their Destinies. We will be exploring the galaxy together and drawing a brand new Galaxy Map, uncovering secrets that will surprise everyone, including the Galaxy Master.