EotE Alphabet

Fourthcore Alphabet
the original inspiration behind EotE Alphabet

A is for Astrogation, Artifacts
Full of Stars
B is for Beasts
C is for Computer terminal, Crime & punishment, Characteristics
D is for Destiny
E is for rogue Events
F is for Fear
G is for Gadget
H is for Heists, Hutt, Hot rod
I is for Illegal cargo
J is for Jedi master
K is for Knowledge
L is for Location, Lightsaber
M is for Maps
N is for Nemesis
O is for Obstacles, Operations
P is for Planet
Q is for Quirks, Quests
R is for Ruins
S is for Smuggler’s Starship, Secret Agendas
T is for it’s a Trap!, Talents (AoR), Talents (EotE)
U is for Utinni!
V is for Vignette
W is for super Weapon
X is for Xenology
Y is for You’re my only hope
Z is for Zealots

Galaxy Master Ross’ Personal
Quick Reference Guide

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