Rogue Event 11 – Trapped on a Moon

If you didn’t catch it yet, the GSA is hosting the next Rogue Event that I wrote. The original sequence from FTL is a simple puzzle, great for the pacing of the original game, but lacking the kind of depth needed for a brain-teaser in an RPG venue. Aha! Thought to myself, the ol’ Zebra Puzzle would be a good fit here.


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3 responses to “Rogue Event 11 – Trapped on a Moon

  • Kat9

    I had never heard of “the classic zebra puzzle” before, not even sure I understand how it works after reading the wiki.

  • Morridini

    Hi, I wrote this on the GSA page but rewriting it here in case you don’t get notifications on comments on that site:

    Hi, love all your Rogue Events so far.

    I just sat down to solve this one before putting it in my roster for my players, and after an embarrassingly long time I figured it all out. However when comparing my results to yours I see a mistake you made, you have switched the ordering of the last two columns. What you have as moon #4 if in fact moon $5 and reverse. (See point 5 above, it states that Purple has a wider orbit than Orange).


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