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Rogue Event 15 – De-Activated Imperial Probe


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 1 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


You find an imperial probe droid floating near an interstellar beacon. Despite its pristine condition, it appears to be deactivated. Probes of this type are known to collect vast amounts of data that are both encrypted and guarded by built-in security measures.


A Crew bringing in the deactivated probe on board their starship may attempt to slice into its protected databanks to retrieve valuable information. Doing so is an upgraded Daunting Computers (dddcbb) check, with a Setback die added due to encryption protocols on the data and an additional Setback die added due to the probes built-in security measures.

A successful check unlocks a single, powerful piece of information at random; chosen from the table below. Advantage increases the overall benefit of the information in some way, and each Triumph adds an additional, random piece of information that is combined with the original, changing both. If Threat is revealed, the probe is accidentally activated. Its weapons and shields go online; prepare for a fight! On a result showing Despair, Imperial authorities have been alerted to this infraction through emergency hyperspace signals and will pursue the Crew, adding 5 Obligation (criminal).

Random Valuable Data Table

Roll (d10) Data Recovered
1 Inside information that can be used to pull off an extremely profitable venture, such as a bank heist.
2 The location of a hidden Jedi.
3 The location of a hidden Rebel Alliance base or starship.
4 Security access codes to a military installation or starship.
5 Evidence that incriminates a Nemesis in a crime.
6 Evidence that exonerates the Crew or an ally from a crime.
7 Evidence of an embarrassing scandal perpetrated by a wealthy and powerful individual, such as an Imperial Moff.
8 Information that can be used to promote one of the Crew’s Motivations.
9 Information that can be used to reduce one of the Crew’s Obligations.
0 A devastating vulnerability in the Imperial military.


Rogue Event 14 – Legendary Thief KazaaakplethKilik


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 4 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


You cross paths with a starship of unusual design that looks to have had dozens of layers of armor-plating added over its battered hull. As the starship approaches to within sensor range, you are able to identify the vessel as a defunct Mandalorian design, previously thought long-lost. The comm systems crackle to life with an insectoid voice clicking away in the native Gand language;

“Attention alien vessel. Legendary thief KazaaakplethKilik commands you to stand down immediately and surrender your treasures. I look forward to adding your sparkling vessel to my collection.”

A wave of terror washes over the thoughts of the Crew as you recognize the name of this ruthless marauder. KazaaakplethKilik is a paranoid, xenophobic murderer and obsessive hoarder. She has collected a lifetimes worth of stolen wealth goods and hidden it in a remote outer rim location. She has a reputation for cruelty and deadliness, and as such each member of the Crew must immediately make an upgraded Average (dc) Fear check.

A successful Easy (d) Knowledge (underworld) check reveals rumors of KazaaakplethKilik’s vast, hidden treasures hidden throughout the galaxy.

KazaaakplethKilik despises all non-Gand lifeforms and adds two Setback dice (bb) to all Social skill checks made by species other than her own used to influence her. If she is not otherwise dissuaded, KazaaakplethKilik’s primary motivation is to steal all of the Crew’s possessions, including their starship.


If the enemy ship is destroyed, the tattered scraps from the empty husk of the ship can be collected and sold, taking 50 Encumbrance and having a base value of 2,000 credits.

If KazaaakplethKilik’s ship is either disabled or boarded, she immediately signals her surrender and offers to reveal the location of one of her secret vaults in exchange for her life. One Crew member makes an opposed Charm, Coerce, or Deceit check as appropriate against KazaaakplethKilik as she tells the coordinates for nearby stashes of stolen goods, with two Setback (bb) added if the Crew member is not a Gand (see Results below).

The locations of the hidden valuables are known only to KazaaakplethKilik and are not directly recorded in any fashion. However, a boarding party may easily download the enemy starship’s databanks in an attempt to triangulate the locations of recently visited treasure caches with an upgraded Daunting (dddc) Astrogation check (see Results below), with additional Setback dice added as appropriately for external factors such as starship damage.


Each Success: The Crew uncover the coordinates and access codes for one hidden stash of treasures, located at a random star system in the galaxy. Each hidden stash contains one random starship component (roll 2d10; see Random Starship Component Table below), as well as a wealth of credits as determined by the number of Advantage generated, if any.

Each Advantage: Every secret stash found also has stored within a cache of an additional 1,000 credits.

Each Triumph: One hidden vault has an intact starfighter housed within (roll 1d10; see Random Starfighter Table below).  Alternatively, Galaxy Masters are encouraged to provide exotic, new, and experimental star fighters in lieu of those listed.

Random Starship Component Table

Roll (2d10)   Component Found
2 Enhanced Carbon-Durasteel Armor
3 Hyperdrive Generator
4 High-Output Ion Turbine
5 Subspace Transceiver
6 Advanced Targeting Array
7 Reinforced Shield Generator
8 Electronic Countermeasures Suite
9 Hydraulic Control Circuits
10 Auto-Blaster
11 Blaster Cannon (Light)
12 Blaster Cannon (Heavy)
13 Ion Cannon (Light)
14 Laser Cannon (Light)
15 Tractor Beam (Light)
16 Laser Cannon (Medium)
17 Laser Cannon (Heavy)
18 Concussion Missile Launcher
19 Quad Laser Cannon
20 Proton Torpedo Launcher

Random Starfighter Table

Roll (d10)   Result
1-2 BTL-A4 Y-Wing
3-5 Z-95 Headhunter
6-0 TIE/LN Fighter


Rogue Event 13 – Large Asteroid Field


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 4 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


The edge of this star system is packed with a dense asteroid field, adding three Setback dice (bbb) to all Pilot (space) and Astrogation checks while in this region. Deftly avoiding the hurtling debris, you discover the remains of a starship embedded into an asteroid. The uncaring hand of fate then determines what surprises are in store by having the Galaxy Master roll a Force Die and adjudicating the Encounter based on the descriptions below.


Close scans reveal the engines and missile bay of the wrecked starship to be mostly undamaged. One member of the Crew may salvage the fuel and missiles of the starship with an Average (dd) Mechanics check. After an hour of work, you recover a concussion missile for each two Successes generated and 10 credits in profitable fuel for each Advantage generated. With a Triumph, the missile tubes can be recovered and reconfigured onto your starship, provided it has enough unused Hard Points.


In addition to the effects described under Ο, you happen upon an abandoned mining site. A single mining droid has been left behind and could be re-purposed for your use. One member of the Crew may program the droid with a successful Average (dd) Computers check. After an hour of work, the droid finally breaks down, but not before harvesting a number of crates of valuable rare earth mineral ores equal to the number of Successes generated. Each crate of ore occupies 5 Encumbrance and has a base worth of 100 credits. With a Triumph, the mining droid can be recovered. The droid itself occupies 10 Encumbrance and has a base value of 1,000 credits.

Close scans reveal the starship to be a worthless wreck. While making these scans, you find the asteroid field to be more dangerous than expected and you must react quickly to avoid impact with the rocky debris. Your starship’s pilot must immediately make a Hard Pilot (space) check (ddd), upgraded once (c), and including three Setback (bbb) to account for the dense asteroid field (ddcbbb).
For each Despair, your starship suffers one Vehicle Critical Hit.
For each Failure, your starship suffers 1 Hull Trauma.
For each Threat, your starship suffers 1 System Strain.


In addition to the effects described under •, a trio of space pirates flying Z-95 Headhunters is hiding behind one of the larger asteroids. In the blink of an eye, they fire up their engines and move in to attack you! Begin the combat with the Z-95 Headhunters at a Range Band equal to your starshsip’s Sensor Range and all starships at Speed 0. Roll a Cool check for the space pirates and a Vigilance check for the Crew to determine initiative.


Rogue Event 12 – Disabled Transport


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 5 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


You find a disabled transport ship, unpowered, floating in a sector of space jam packed full of debris. Blasted hulks, wrecked starfighters, and twisted metal fill the area; as well as a communications beacon. The device transmits a warning to all who come near, cautioning that this derelict vessel is protected by Imperial patrols and should not be approached. The transport has scorch marks along its hull and large sections of its superstructure exposed to the vacuum of space. However, sensors indicate that many key components of the starship are intact, making this a prime candidate for a lucrative, but risky, salvage operation.

Salvage operations are directed by a single member of the Crew, who makes either a Perception, Mechanics, or Knowledge (education) check on the entire Crew’s behalf in an attempt to strip as much valuable material as possible before the inevitable arrival of the authorities. The difficulty to salvage the transport is an Average (dd) check. However, the lingering threat of an impending Imperial patrol adds stress and pressure to the situation, upgrading the check (c) once. Additionally, the wreckage-strewn starship junkyard the transport is in adds two Setback dice (bb) to the Salvage Check as well as any Pilot checks made in the area, for a total Salvage (dcbb) check.


Each Success: The Crew salvages a bushel of viable scrap parts (10 Encumbrance). A bushel of scrap parts can be sold for 500 credits.

Each Advantage: The Imperial patrol starts the Encounter up to one Range Band further away and up to two Speed categories slower.
Each Threat: The Imperial patrol starts the Encounter up to one Range Band closer and up to two Speed categories faster.

Each Triumph: It’s a trap!
But not meant for you. A small starfighter piloted by a member of an anarchist group seeking to topple the peace and stability of the Galactic Empire emerges from hyperspace and distracts the Imperial patrol, granting your Crew a full round of actions before the three Blastboats turn their attention on your freighter.

Each Despair: It’s a trap!
The disabled transport explodes in a fiery flash, shock waves ripping through your own starship and it immediately suffers a Vehicle Critical Hit.


An Imperial patrol jumps into the system nearby while you are salvaging the ship and you intercept their comm chatter,

“…appears we’ve found some trouble. Moving to intercept.”

A wing of three GAT-12H Skipray Blastboats emerges from hyperspace at Medium Range from the Crew’s starship and at Speed 2; modified by the results of the Salvage Check.

Before you can plead your innocence they move in to attack. The Blastboats carry with them the might and terror of the Galactic Imperial Navy, and as such all Crew must immediately make an Average (dd) Fear check upon their arrival. The trio of Blastboats and the Crew then roll Vigilance to determine initiative.

Three Blastboats are an overwhelming force for a Crew of smugglers, as will become evident upon the first volley of missiles. To escape the system, the Crew must succeed on five consecutive Astrogation checks and then the pilot can make the jump into hyperspace. Since the Crew are under attack, the Astrogation checks will be Average (dd) Difficulty, with additional Difficulty Dice added as their vessel becomes damaged. The dense field of wreckage surrounding the transport adds two Setback Dice (bb) to all Pilot and Astrogation checks.


Rogue Event 11 – Trapped on a Moon


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect five vessels, each of Silhouette 4, at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


As your starship drifts closer, you come upon a sensor-obscuring emerald gadolinite nebula.

A unique mercantile environment exists in the nebula whereupon you have a singular opportunity to make some fast cash. Five different colored moons dwell within the nebula. Each moon is occupied by a different species, each of which has a unique transport ship, legitimate business front, and a different illicit trade in forbidden cargo. If you and your Crew can use your powers of deduction to unravel all of the details of each moon and its people, you stand to make a tidy profit. Incorrect deductions, however, will result in poor trades and you might just lose your shirt in the negotiations!

After as much observation and scanning as possible, your sensors provide the following information (the Galaxy Master is encouraged to print and distribute this information):

1. Humans live on the red moon.
2. Rodians fly Corellian YT-1300 freighters, though another species prefers the YT-2400 model.
3. Grains and other foodstuffs are grown on the orange moon, harvested by machines produced on a seperate moon.
4. Bothans in this region are known to produce medicinal supplies.
5. The orange moon has the next widest orbit immediately after the purple moon.
6. Explosives are often smuggled aboard Firespray Patrol Craft.
7. Narcotics can be found in back alleys of the yellow moon.
8. Droids are manufactured on the moon in the center of the nebula.
9. Hutts control the first moon.
10. A species who trade in Wookiee slaves live on a moon adjacent to the species who use Mobquet MB-C1 transports.
11. Narcotics are dealt on a moon next to the moon where the Ghtroc 720 freighter is flown.
12. A legitimate front of selling starship parts conceals a much more profitable business in transporting endangered animals.
13. The Twi’leks of this nebula know how to get a hold of jedi artifacts.
14. Hutts live next to the blue moon.


This encounter is a fun little diversion and mental challenge for the players. Do not allow any further skill checks or other in-game means of revealing additional information. This challenge tests the wits of the players themselves, on not on how well they can build their character or how lucky their dice are. All the information needed to solve this puzzle has been laid out before them.

The answer to this economic ecosystem has been revealed in the chart below. This encounter is a slight variant on the classic Zebra Puzzle, re-skinned to fit within the Star Wars milieu. By using logical deduction and reasoning, a sharp group of players should have no trouble with this encounter.

Correctly deducing this puzzle earns the Crew a quick profit of 500 credits, whereas incorrect answers lead to botched trade deals and a net loss of 100 credits. This encounter is designed as a one-time event and the people of the emerald gadolinite nebula cannot be repeatedly exploited.


Rogue Event 10 – Ship Carrying Slaves


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 4 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


There is little subterfuge or nuance to be had here. The starship is a Firespray System Patrol Craft with added concussion missile launchers, piloted by a Rodian Slaver using the stat block for a Journeyman Bounty Hunter. The Rodian is a ruthless killer and does not care to talk or negotiate with her prey. Her goal is to destroy the Crew’s starship, tractor any salvageable material to a scrap heap, and capture any survivors to sell into slavery.


The encounter begins immediately with both starships at Extreme Range to each other. Basic scans show the Crew that the Firespray is coming at them as fast as it can at Speed 4. When the ships have closed to Short Range, the Rodian slaver gains a target lock and attacks with her concussion missiles. Thereafter, she pursues the Crew’s starship attacking at Close Range with her vessel’s autoblasters.

If within sensor range, the Firespray can be scanned to reveal its owner as well as 3 additional Rodians and 1 Human locked in the prisoner cells.

After dealing at least 10 Hull Trauma to the Rodian woman’s vessel, her high-pitched voice tweaks across the radio:

“You are a cunning warrior and have defeated me in this great hunt. For that you have earned my respect. I offer you my captured bounties in supplication, as well as my scanned starcharts of this sector.”

If the Crew accepts the offer, the slaver delivers on her word transmitting 3 explored starcharts and delivering her four bounties. The prisoners were a Crew of a merchant transport vessel headed to the Core Worlds who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are now filthy and malnourished. If they are treated well, fed, and transported to any Core World, the merchants prove to be valuable allies; transferring 1,000 credits to the Crew and granting a Boost die to all future Negotiation and Streetwise checks made at the star system they were delivered to.

If the Crew does not accept the offer, the Rodian woman fights to the death and the only reward offered to the players is the satisfaction of ridding such scum from the galaxy.


Rogue Event 09 – Alien Research Facility


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 6 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


Your starship arrives near an EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate. Cursory sensor scans show the vessel’s defensive systems to be unpowered and standing down.

A man wearing cream-colored robes quickly messages you and appears on the holoviewer. The man is an uncommon alien species, the Jiupan, that you do not immediately recognize. He has a large, elongated body with six legs, two pair of arms, and his skin is composed of some sort of golden, silicon-based, rocky substance. His hard exterior shell is marked by cracks and streaks of dark gray, a sign of age.

“Ah! Hello and welcome! I am Doctor Kevamu of the Jiupan medical research facility. You’re the aliens roaming through this sector that everyone’s been talking about! Please, I’ve heard so much about you and I’m curious about your physiology! Would you come aboard our vessel and let us run a few simple tests? We would be happy to compensate you for your time.”

Crew Members can attempt to ascertain details about Doctor Kevamu’s species with a Hard (ddd) Knowledge (xenology) check. The exact details and depth of information is left to the Galaxy Master, although Advantage or Triumph from the check should inform the players that this species and culture is known for their easy temper, high societal value placed in science, but do not have the same fragility of other humanoid species and so are inclined to be more reckless in regards to personal safety and bodily harm.

If the Crew refuses the Doctor’s offer, he shrugs, sighs and responds:

“I see. That is a shame. Perhaps the next aliens we meet will have more respect for the advancement of science.”


Any number of non-droid Crew Members may volunteer for the experimentation. Doctor Kevamu explains that the procedure with be analyzing the volunteer’s spinal cellular structure with a cutting-edge, breakthrough technology utilizing new advancements in the field of nanomechanics. The procedure is promised to only take a few hours and is painless. Furthermore, the Doctor offers a non-negotiable 500 credit compensation to each Crew Member who volunteers for the procedure.

When the Crew arrives on board the medical facility, they are escorted from their starship to a luxurious and spacious waiting room by a half dozen white-robed Jiupan nurses. The ship is very clean, with white walls, bright lights, scores of medical droids, and curious Jiupan onlookers gawking at the Crew Members’ “bizarre” appearance.

The procedure goes as described, with each Crew Member strapped down onto a cold, sterile table while automatic lasers on reticulated arms scan their body surface. Tiny robots scurry along the patient’s back and a tingling sensation can be felt, as if one’s entire back had fallen asleep.

The procedure, naturally, is inherently flawed and dangerous. Each Crew Member subjected to this procedure rolls a d100 and gains a Critical Injury, modified by the results of an Average (dd) Resilience check. After the procedure, Doctor Kevamu and staff apologize for any harm, but claim no legal responsibility.

Resilience Check

Each Success: Subtract 10 from the net result of the Critical Injury roll. A roll of 0 or lower indicates no lasting effect.
Each Failure: Add 10 from the net result of the Critical Injury roll.

Each Advantage: The results are particularly helpful and the scientists are able to reward you greater. Gain an additional 100 credits.
Each Threat: The results are woefully inadequate and the scientists are unable to reward you as they would like. The base monetary reward is reduced by 100 credits.

Each Triumph: Roll an additional time for the Critical Injury, taking the lowest result.
Each Despair: Roll an additional time for the Critical Injury, taking the highest result.