CtR PreGen Character Sheets

I will be running some local one-shot games using the FFG Star Wars at some local cons and MeetUps in the coming weeks. Naturally, I went with what I am excited and passionate about at the moment and put together a quick little adventure related to my CRUSH the REBELLION campaign. When running adventures like this with strangers in the mix, or any one-shot game really, I always prepare a set of easy to use pre-generated characters.

My ultimate goal with these character sheets is to have something available so that any player can sit down with one of these, grab a pen, and start playing immediately. Everything should be easy to read and work in an intuitive fashion. Additionally, I wanted jaded fans of the Star Wars lore to be immediately become enraptured and excited at the audacity of the characters I was providing. These aren’t nameless Imperial lackeys that no one cares about; these are the big time movers and shakers within the deep core of the Empire’s machinery. I want every character to inspire someone to say, “Whoa, this person is such a badass!

I’ve already established a method that I enjoy for showcasing skills, talents and the like. For this adventure, however, there was another wrinkle to consider.

Secret Agendas

A core mechanic for any CRUSH the REBELLION campaign, the thing that makes it really unique, is the use of Secret Agendas. To foment an atmosphere of tense, cold-war style manipulation and intrigue, I needed to have each character with something to instantly focus their disdain on, something for the character to hate; and also a seemingly simple end goal with an added complication of needing to rely on someone, perhaps another Agent, to be able to accomplish. The tension between the Agents competing against each other in the macro scale, but also needing each other to survive the micro scale, is what defines this setting.

These characters are each built with an additional sum of experience points above starting level (I think I ended up with +100Xp for each), basic gear, and one special equipment; a gift from The Emperor that defies the normal order of Imperial dogma and gives that character a special advantage.

In the rare chance that you might be involved in any of the local Baltimore games that I am running, please do not read these character sheets until after your game. No spoilers!



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6 responses to “CtR PreGen Character Sheets

  • jeffrywith1e

    Such a great post! FYI, Prince Xizor’s link comes up as Mara Jade.

  • ozymandeus

    Any chance of you sharing your adventure or GM notes for those of us that might want to try their hand at running a one-shot with these characters at some point? The concept is really cool but I don’t think I’d know how to handle a group of characters at this higher power level.

    I’d be interested in seeing or hearing any live action recordings of your games. I’m used to the more passive ‘sitting GM’ mindset and I think it would be neat to see and/or hear one of your games as they unfold. Sadly I’m too far from Baltimore to experience a game firsthand!

    • C. Steven Ross

      Thank you again for the praise! I’ve actually run this one twice now as a one-shot for essentially strangers and once for my regular group. It’s Operation I of CRUSH the REBELLION (https://triumphdespair.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/first-operation/).

      To be honest, there’s not terribly much adjusting that needs to be done at +100xp. The system is very robust in that the level of danger and challenge stays relevant for a long stretch of experience levels.

      Live recordings are sort of in the works. I’m hosting a gaming weekend retreat during the first weekend of October and we plan on recording some of the shenanigans, more to show how to be organized and set these kinds of events up right. Star Wars is definitely on the docket for something we’d like to play up there, so I’ll make sure we get something recorded to show as an example of my style.

      Any chance you’ll be at GenCon 2014? There’s a panel this year run by one of my favorite designers on injecting adrenaline into your gaming. I would have been speaking on it as well if I could make it this year. HIGHLY recommend it.

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