Rogue Event 06 – Collector of Artifacts


Illustratated by Udon


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 4.
Do you move in to investigate?


You receive an encoded signal on a private relay from a Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter orbiting a nearby uninhabited rocky planetoid. A holographic image of a Bothan man with matted fur and gaudy clothes appears and speaks to you:

“Greetings! You must be the smugglers everyone in the sector has been talking about. Please, I am Dall Trem, a collector of ancient artifacts. I have many priceless wonders hidden within my cargo holds that I am sure you will find to your liking. Shall we meet on the planet to discuss business?”


Dall Trem is true to his word and does everything in his power to broker a peaceful deal, but slanted in his favor. Dall Trem is a master salesman and always negotiates to get the best price he can for his wares.

The Bothan captain is careful and will only allow one unarmed Crew Member onto his ship to look at his wares. The selected character is brought into the freighter’s cargo holds and finds a veritable junkyard of scrap parts, broken equipment, and busted droids. The Crew Member may make a Hard (ddd) Perception check to scavenge through the piles of junk looking for worthwhile usable equipment and gear. The lighting in the freighter flickers and dims due to a malfunctioning power coupling, adding two Setback (bb) to the Perception check. Clever players may offer to fix the lighting and remove Setback with a successful Average (dd) Mechanics check.

For each success made on the Perception check; one rare, valuable (and sometimes illegal) item is found and offered for sale. Roll 2d10 and consult the table below for each item to determine exactly what is for sale. Each item’s price is then modified by the results of negotiations with the Bothan trader, as per the Negotiate skill.

Dall Tram Stats

If attacked in space, Dall Trem immediately flees into hyperspace. If attacked on board ship, the Bothan captain tries to end the situation peacefully and flee the planetoid, attacking only when necessary and never to kill. In either case, the Crew gains 5 Obligation (Betrayal) as word of their traitorous, aggressive, blood-thirsty act spreads throughout the cantinas of the galaxy.

Roll (2d10)  Base Cost (Credits Item
2  20,000 Personal Stealth Field
3  8,000 Heavy Repeating Blaster
4  4,800 Subspace Transceiver
5  4,000 Missile Tube
6  3,000 Electronic Countermeasures Suite
7  2,500 Flesh Camouflage Set
8  2,000 Thermal Detonator
9  1,000 Electronic Lock Breaker
10  1,000 Data Breaker
11  175 Surveillance Tagger
12  1,000 Disruptor Pistol
13  1,200 Light Repeating Blaster
14  2,000 Disruptor Rifle
15  3,000 Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike
16  3,800 Reinforced Shield Generator
17  4,000 Advanced Targeting Array
18  5,000 Heavy Battle Armor
19  8,500 X-34 Landspeeder
20  50,000 Lightsaber

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