The Plague Star – Rumors

There are ten Rumors. Seven are true, three are false.

  • The Temporal Null Chamber is a devious trap that will break down all organic matter inside to be deposited in the Protein Bank.
  • The password to defeat the AI intelligence is ‘mushroom’.
  • Bring both the Silver and Golden Theta amulets together to master the secrets of the Promethean Vault.
  • The deadly Rollerram dislikes smoke.
  • The password to defeat the AI intelligence is ‘oldearth’.
  • A Soul-Feed telepath, armed with a silver Mind-Blade, ventured into the tunnels of the White Worm and was never heard from again.
  • The atmosphere of the starship is infested with 1,000 deadly plagues from 1,000 alien worlds.
  • The Sandkings will worship a more powerful intelligence as a god, revealing secret treasures to their master.
  • The Protein Re-Sequencer has the power to cure horrible afflictions.
  • A plasma-fired double blade chainsaw is kept under lock and key within the Glassteel Armory.

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