Rogue Event 03 – Unencrypted Communication Channel



You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect dozens of vessels of Silhouette 3 through Silhouette 7 at the far end of the system. Do you move in to investigate?


You arrive to find a fleet of Imperial starships convening around a XQ Model Space Platform. All Crew Members must immediately make a Hard (ddd) Discipline or Cool check, with the difficulty upgraded once, to resist Fear effects (see Edge of the Empire Beta p.189) while within sight of the Imperial fleet.

You tune into the unencrypted communication channel of the Imperial fleet and overhear half of their conversation. It seems that they need to take possession of the space station intact and a band of traitorous Rebels within it alive and in custody. The Rebels, however, warn that they are prepared to detonate the space station to avoid capture. The station is at Long Range to the Crew’s starship and Medium Range to the Imperial Fleet.


The Crew must now choose whether or not to intervene. If they ignore the situation, the Imperial starships take no adverse actions against the Crew. A bold Crew, however, can attempt to cash in on this opportunity.

With a successful Average (dd) Charm or Leadership check, the Imperial forces are convinced that the Crew can help and offer the following,

“It appears you could help. These Rebels have some very important cargo hidden on this space station, though I doubt they have any understanding of what it is they stole. We need you to capture the platform intact and leave all Rebels alive for questioning.”

There are a group of three (3) Rebel Alliance Liaisons (see stat block) holed up on the station’s bridge. The hidden cargo is 100 high-yield proton torpedo warheads and 100 high-yield concussive missile warheads. The Rebels will detonate them all if they are attacked, destroying the entire station. The Crew must find a creative way to neutralize the warheads and keep all of the Rebels alive for capture.

Upon a successful Heist, the Imperial fleet hails your ship.
“Good job. The Empire thanks you for your services. We would prefer if you did not speak of this to anyone.”

The Imperials offer to repair any damage your Crew’s starship has suffered and gives compensation for their time. Have one Crew Member make a Hard (ddd) Negotiate check. The Crew receive a base compensation of 5000 credits, plus 100 credits for each Success and minus 100 credits for each Failure. In addition, as news spreads of the Crew’s involvement in this operation, they gain 5 Obligation to the Rebel Alliance.

If the warheads are stolen from all parties, the Crew gains 20 Obligation to the Empire and must immediately flee the star system or be destroyed by the Imperial fleet when their caper is discovered.


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