Rogue Event 05 – Friendly Ship Out Of Fuel


Image by Ralph McQuarrie


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 4 and a single vessel of Silhouette 7 at the far end of the system. Do you move in to investigate?


A nearby scientific scouting vessel floating near a burnt husk of debris and warped metal that was once a commercial space station. Cursory scans show that the vessel is operating at minimum power. The captain is a Rodian woman and appears on your communications channel.

“Greetings! It is so good to see you! We’ve been out of fuel and floating out here for days. We were terrified a pirate or those damn Rebels would find us first. We used our last bit of fuel to jump to this station. Our scans indicate that the Rebels have spread to this sector and destroyed the space platform just before we arrived. We’ve been stranded ever since. Could you spare some fuel?”


If the Crew agrees to transfer 200 credits worth of fuel, the Rodian captain responds,

“Thank you so much! We don’t have much to offer, but we can at least transfer the data on the sector scans we took.”

The Crew gain access to a Starchart and may make one Simple (-) Knowledge (outer rim) or Knowledge (core worlds) check to gain the hyperspace coordinates of new star systems, as opposed to the typical Average (dd) Knowledge check. See A is for Astrogation and K is for Knowledge.

Additionally, the Crew can interact with the captain for one additional boon. Have the one member of the Crew make a Hard (ddd) skill check of whatever skill the Galaxy Master deems most appropriate. On a successful check, she relents and gives the Crew the indicated benefit below.

Skill Check: Charm or Negotiate
Benefit: The Crew convince the Rodian captain to also share her secret Starchart data, and the Crew gain one additional Starchart.

Skill Check: Coerce or Deceit
Benefit: The Crew bully or lie to the captain, stealing the valuable Electronic Countermeasures Suite (Eote Beta p.172) ship upgrade from the scouting vessel. For their nefarious deeds, the Crew also gains 5 Obligation to the Empire.

Skill Check: Discipline or Leadership
Benefit: The honorable actions of the Crew are spread by the Rodian captain throughout Imperial trade routes. Reduce 5 Obligation the Crew has to the Empire.

If the Crew cannot or will not spare 200 credits worth of fuel, the Captain responds,
“I understand… Please send help our way if you meet anyone trustworthy.”

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