Core Book Update: Starship Sheets

As you are all no doubt fully aware, the Edge of the Empire core rulebook has finally been released and is out on store shelves. Huzzah! I’ve been joking with my regular Star Wars gaming group that we can now, after months of delving into our campaign, start playing the game properly.

I’d hate to disseminate incorrect information, so I’ll be updating the stat blocks and whatnot on Triumph & Despair to reflect the most accurate values. And if you spot something in error, please, send me an email about it.

The first thing that caught my eye upon perusing the new core rulebook were the stats on the Lambda Shuttle. It’s weapons are significantly upgraded, now able to reliably punch through enemy starships’ Armor. I simply can’t let that kind of easy-to-fix error slip through, so that has been updated. Also of particular interest was the substitution of the Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter for the Wayfarer-Class Medium Freighter for starting Crew starships. Lastly, the rules now stipulate potential alternate starting starships of  120,000cr or less. A close examination of the core book reveals only one alternative under that description not previously covered: the Sorosuub Luxury 3000 Space Yacht. The Yacht is underpowered, underdefended, and unarmed. It is a challenge and a thrill to try and survive in; one which only the most elite of Crews will even attempt.

Clearly, it behooves me to provide updated and new one-page 11×17 starship sheets for these spacefaring vessels.

  • Lambda T4-A Imperial Shuttle (PDF) (Word)
  • Wayfarer-Class Medium Freighter (PDF) (Word)
  • Sorosuub Luxury 3000 Space Yacht (PDF) (Word)

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One response to “Core Book Update: Starship Sheets

  • mdl780

    If I recall correctly, X-Wing is supposed to be releasing a Wayfarer freighter in the third quarter. If that were the case, there would be three detailed miniatures of the three main vessels available. The Lambda shuttle is also supposed to be in that release.

    My game store didn’t have the book on Monday and they’re closed today. I’m a sad puppy. I’m hoping they call me tomorrow telling me that my order has come in.

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