B is for Blasters

A special guest post from reader of the blog Blanco 613.


A galaxy of diversity exists in the Star Wars universe. So, too, does this diversity extend to the variety of handheld weaponry available to your Crew, their associates, and their enemies. Use the chart below in the uncommon situations where the type of handheld blaster weapon used by a character is important; an investigation of a violent crime, illegal transport of arms to militia groups, framing a rival for a crime he or she didn’t commit, or a covert assault against a military installation.

As always, roll some dice to get a random item for inspiration, or use the list to pick and choose your design.

d100   BLASTER
01-02 Arakyd Accelerated Charged Particle Array Gun
03-04 Baktoid Armor Workshop E-5 Carbine
05-06 Baktoid Armor Workshop E-5 Droid Blaster
07 BlasTech A-280
08 BlasTech DC-15
09 BlasTech DC-15S
10 BlasTech DH-17
11 BlasTech EKX-10
12 BlasTech DH-23 “Outback”
13 BlasTech DH-X
14 BlasTech DL-17
15 BlasTech DL-18
16 BlasTech DL-22
17 BlasTech DL-44
18 BlasTech DL-7H
19 BlasTech DLT-19
20 BlasTech DLT-20A “Longblaster”
21 BlasTech DT-12
22 BlasTech DT-57 “Annihilator”
23 BlasTech DY-225
24 BlasTech E-11S Sniper
25 BlasTech EE-3
26 BlasTech HH-50
27 BlasTech HSB-200
28 BlasTech RT-97C
29 BlasTech SE-14C
30 BlasTech SE-14R
31 BlasTech T-21
32 BlasTech T-6 “Thunderer”
33-34 Caliban Model X
35-36 Corellian Arms CR-2
37-38 Corondex VES-700 Pulse Rifle
39-40 Coronet Arms H-7 “Equalizer”
41-42 Coronet Arms HL-27
43-44 Czerka 411
45-46 Czerka Arms 84-U
47-48 Czerka Arms A95 “Stingbeam”
49-50 Czerka Arms C-10 “Dragoneye Reaper”
51-54 E-11 Blaster Rifle
55-56 Elmainin Armaments SBP-200
57-58 Fed-Dub Protective Services “Spukami”
59-60 Gee-Tech No. 12 “Defender” MicroBlaster
61-62 Greff-Timms Industrial ATA Pulse-wave
63-64 Herloss HBT-4
65-66 Imperial Munitions Model 22T4
67-68 Imperial Munitions/BlasTech KK-5
69-70 Imperial Munitions/SoroSuub SC-4
71-72 Liquidsilver L7
73-74 Merr-Sonn “Power”
75 Merr-Sonn DR-45 “Dragoon”
76 Merr-Sonn Flash 4
77 Merr-Sonn IR-5 “Intimidator”
78 Merr-Sonn M-40 “Thunderbolt”
79 Merr-Sonn Model 434 “Death Hammer”
80 Merr-Sonn Model 44
81 Merr-Sonn Model 454
82 Merr-Sonn Model 53 “Quicktrigger”
83 Merr-Sonn Model 80
84 Merr-Sonn Model B22 “Imperial”
85 Merr-Sonn Model JI “Happy Surprise” Palm Blaster
86 Merr-Sonn Model Q4 “Quickfire”
87-88 N’Gant-Zarvel 9118 Carbine
89-90 Raider Arms Model-I “Nova Viper”
91 SoroSuub ELG-3A “Diplomat’s Blaster”
92 SoroSuub Firelance
93 SoroSuub Heavy Tracker 16
94 SoroSuub Model Kylan-3
95 SoroSuub OK-98
96 SoroSuub “Renegade”
97 SoroSuub Security S-5
98 SoroSuub SSK-7
99 SoroSuub X-30 Lancer Precision Blast Pistol
00 Talus Ironworks XL-2 “Flashfire”

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One response to “B is for Blasters

  • GM Adeptus

    …glad to see all y’all haven’t quit the business…was a little worried youse guys had lost all interest.

    So, interesting list of blaster names …do we just use the generic blaster stats with the random name?

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