Rogue Event 02 – Assist A Pirate


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect two vessels of Silhouette 4 at the far end of the system. Do you move in to investigate?


An unidentified, unarmed starship is badly damaged and is being assaulted by a space pirate. The victim is broadcasting a garbled distress message, however the pirate captain cuts in across your communications and offers to give you a share of the bounty if you sit tight and look the other way.


The pirate vessel is an old Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter, modified to use a heavy laser cannon turret for armaments, with a Pirate Captain (for the Social stat block), Sullustan Pilot (for the Starship stat block), and band of four Pirate Crew to repel any boarding attempts or lead their own against the unidentified vessel. The pirate’s are looking for a bloodless victory, but will stop their assault and turn their attentions on the player character’s starship if attacked.

  • The Crew starts out at Long Range to both the pirate vessel and the unidentified vessel, which are at Close Range to each other.
  • The Crew may choose to accept the pirate’s bribe and turn a blind eye to this atrocity. Doing so earns the Crew 50 x d10 credits and the unidentified ship is boarded and destroyed by the pirates.
  • The Crew may attack the pirate starship, starting combat and rolling Cool checks for initiative. The unidentified starship has 10 Hull Trauma, Hull Integrity 15, Armor 3, Speed 3 and does not attempt any maneuvers.

If the unidentified vessel survives the conflict or the Crew take the time to scan the vessel with a successful Hard (ddd) Computers check, immediately roll a Force Die and consult the chart below:

Roll Results
™o The unidentified vessel is a helpless civilian freighter and the captain
is extremely grateful to the Fringer Crew for their assistance. The
Fringer Crew receives 50 x d10 credits in compensation and may buy
starship weapons and upgrades from the freighter captain.
™™oo The unidentified starship is a helpless civilian freighter and the captain
is extremely grateful to the Fringer Crew for their assistance. The
Fringer Crew receives 100 x d10 credits in compensation.
˜ As soon as it is out of danger, the unidentified starship immediately
makes a jump into hyperspace, gone forever.
˜˜ The unidentified vessel is an Imperial scout. Helping Imperial forces
can have dire consequences, almost as dangerous as not helping them,
and will likely result in the Crew gaining or releaving 5 Obligation to
the Empire.

Stat Block - Rogue Encounter 02

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One response to “Rogue Event 02 – Assist A Pirate

  • jegergryte

    Nice work and idea these Rogue Encounters. I like.

    Also, the use of the force die in this way is a good idea. I like it. I will probably use some of these with my group, they create tension and depth to the galaxy. Nice.

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