Rogue Event 01 – Ancient Jedi Device



You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 5 at the far end of the system. Do you move in to investigate?


An ancient metallic device about the size of an escape pod is orbiting within the crystal rings of a nearby gas giant. An Imperial vessel with starfighter hails your ship, demanding that you leave the system at once.


The Imperial starship is a Corellian CR90 Corvette with its main cargo hold modified into a hanger. The corvette immediately launches two wings of (4) TIE/LN Starfighters, which begin play at Speed 0 and in Close Range to the Corvette. The Corvette’s captain is an Imperial Naval Officer and the starfighters are piloted by Military Starfighter Pilots. The Imperials are here to guard the ancient device and will attempt to shoot down anyone who tries to stop them. In a few days, an agent of the Emperor will arrive to claim the device for the Empire, forever out of reach for the Crew.

  • The Crew, Imperials, and ancient Jedi device all start out at Long Range from each other.
  • The device seems to have been deactivated for a very long time. It’s outer shell is made of a damage-resistant cortosis alloy.
  • A computer screen on the outside of the device is blank. If a Force Sensitive creature touches the screen, it energizes and shows what appears to be a set of hyperspace coordinates, but they are encoded. A successful Hard (ddd) Knowledge [outer rim] check decodes the symbols and leads to a new star system where a hidden J is for Jedi Master can be found.
  • The device is expertly sealed with advanced mechanisms to prevent any would be thieves from taking its contents. A successful Daunting (dddd) Skulduggery check opens the device and it contains a glowing white crystal. A Skulduggery check resulting in Threat results in a cumulative upgrade of the difficulty to open the device as the fail-safes activate, and a result of Despair collapses the device, destroying all of its contents.
  • If a Force Sensitive creature handles the crystal, the glows shifts into a different shade. Ask the player what color it turns to in their hands. A successful Hard (ddd) Knowledge [lore] check reveals that the crystal is the first part needed in the construction of a lightsaber.
  • The Crew can scrap the device to gain d10 x 200 credits worth of materials.

Stat Block - Rogue Encounter 01

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