Rogue Event 17 – Research Vessel Ambush


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 6 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


You arrive near a Mon Calamari research facility. A cursory sensor scan shows this vessel to be a retrofitted Sorosuub Luxury 3000 Space Yacht. A distorted communications signal says that they are researching genetic degeneration due to prolonged hyperspace travel. Since you are such seasoned interstellar travelers, they ask if your Crew has a moment to come aboard and undergo a few scans.


As soon as you dock, an Imperial shuttle escorted by a swarm of TIE Fighters appears on the radar, hidden behind a small moon. You hear someone yell in the distance, “It’s a trap!”

A squadron of stormtroopers [10 total, in two groups of 5 minions] and a commanding Stormtrooper Sergeant barrel down the hallway with weapons drawn. The stormtroopers are interested in capturing the Crew as well as impounding their starship. The TIE Fighters [12 total, in two groups of 6 minions] as well as the T-4A Lambda Shuttle attack the Crew’s starship should they disengage the research vessel. See stat blocks provided here:

Wary starship captains who refuse to dock with the research vessel are instead simply attacked by the Imperial forces. The Lambda shuttle has a reduced complement of stormtroopers, as indicated on its stat block, and attempts to use Boarding Action when possible.

This encounter is purposefully designed to be superlatively difficult and brutally unforgiving, with a consummate high-value reward should the Crew prove victorious. Do not use this Rogue Event entry if you, as Galaxy Master, are uncomfortable with placing your Crew at such high risk and with such a high reward.


“Thank you for rescuing us! The stormtroopers held us hostage to ambush unsuspecting Rebel passersby. Please, take this.”

You receive a gift from the Mon Calamari researchers: a subservient Medical Droid.

Additionally, the research vessel is equipped with a device to thaw frozen carbonite. If the Crew has the Jedi master from Rogue Event 16, the Mon Calamari immediately free him or her.

“Interesting. I’ve never seen a hibernation system this crude.”

The slab of gray stone burns away and the blinded, gasping occupant steps out.

“Greetings. I appear to be in your debt.”

This NPC is an exiled Jedi Master and will aid the Crew in whatever way he or she can, as appropriate to the campaign. At a minimum, the Jedi Master will teach a Force Sensitive member of the Crew how to build a new lightsaber from the glowing crystal found in Rogue Event 01.

lightsaber handlesPlayers wishing to have their character build a personal lightsaber must sketch a rough diagram of the lightsaber handle. Characters crafting a lightsaber must spend one day of time in uninterrupted meditation. At the end of that week, the character can then make a Hard (ddd) Discipline check. On a success, the lightsaber is built.


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One response to “Rogue Event 17 – Research Vessel Ambush

  • James

    I love this one. Although my players aren’t curious (they think everything in space is trying to kill them) so I like that they may be attacked either way

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